Peerless Boilers Live Fire Tour

Peerless Boilers and A to Z Sales & Marketing is proud to present

Peerless Boilers Live-Fire Demo is out on tour with A to Z Sales & Marketing.  Peerless is known for their high efficiency, cast iron and stainless steel boilers that are Energy Star® certified and feature a full line of Peerless® Partner® indirect-fired water heaters

Training will be held at Adel Wholesalers on the 28th, and on site at A to Z sales for the 29th and 30th with the 30th being hosted by Able Distributors.  This is a great chance for contractors and distributors to get a live demonstration on these great heating products.

Don’t miss out on this great chances to get a hands on experience with Peerless PureFire and much more.  The Live Fire trailer has been on tour across the country in order to train heat specialists and is a staple of the Midwest and Northeast where only the best boilers make it through some of the harshest winters.

Teaching these sessions is Gerry Hogan who has over 20 years of experience with Peerless products.  Avoid having your first experience with a Peerless boiler in your customer’s basement by seeing firsthand the most important tasks for installing and servicing the boilers.  These sessions are sure to create a professional impression for you and your business.

Another great benefit from group training is you will always gain a new perspective and learn about the issues other contractors have experienced.  Their shared experience has resulted in significant improvements in the features of Peerless boilers and has prevented many installation problems while at the customer’s house.

When asked about the value of training and interaction on the individual level, Gerry told us that, “It is a win-win situation for everyone. Contractors have a better experience installing and servicing the boilers, our Tech Support professionals get fewer phone calls, and our company gets a better reputation for reliability and quality.”

Now is the perfect time to think about the winter season and your customer’s heating solutions.  Make sure not to miss this session and be able to talk to homeowners about their options and what a Peerless design could mean for them.

Live Fire Seminare includes:

Live-fire, hands-on training on Peerless® PureFire® PF-5- & PFW-200, Hydrostat® Fuel Smart control, hydronic system piping design, and much more!

Seminar Covers:

  • PureFire® Installation, Piping and Troubleshooting
  • Free Heat Loss Calculation Program for Sizing Boilers
  • How to Integrate Different Components of Hot Water Systems
  • Simple “Must Do” Tips for Near Boiler Piping
  • Tips to Maximize Boiler & Heating System Efficiency
  • Hydrostat® Fuel Smart Reset Control for Peerless Cast Iron Boilers
  • Maximize Efficiency with Simple Adjustments

Class is NATE Certified for 3 Credit Hours

Topics to be covered include:

  • PureFire® combustion setting with gas valve adjustments
  • Annual inspection and tune-up procedures – how to get good flame signal and light-offs
  • Best practices for venting, gas and water piping and wiring
  • Converting PureFire® to PFW™ Domestic Hot Water Boiler

We take our training seriously as we know end user comfort relies on quality installation and products.  We thank Able distributors and Adel Wholesalers for hosting and look forward to working with them and Peerless Boilers in the future.

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