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Denlar Fire Protection

Commercial Style Fire Suppression for Residential Grade Appliances.

When comparing residential grade retro-fit kits to a DENLAR Hood, the value is in the overall quality and ease of use. The DENLAR Designer Series provides a similar level of protection to the retro-fit/residential hood combination, but in a pre-engineered “One Product” system. By selecting a system that is pre-engineered and factory integrated you are creating a safer environment by removing much of the human element at installation in addition to minimizing tampering that is likely to occur in a conspicuous retro-fit assembly. The DESIGNER Series fulfills this need and the existing two product standard in a “One Product” system that offers lower materials cost, lower installation costs and a much finer finished aesthetic.

The D1000 by DENLAR Fire Protection

is the industry’s first fully integrated, pre-engineered fire suppression range hood system. The D1000 fulfills all of the theory and intent behind a Type I commercial hood with fire suppression in a product designed for use over a residential grade appliance. The D1000 is perfect for any commercial space that uses a residential-grade appliance in a “not for profit” cooking application.

The Designer Series

offers an economical solution for providing protection against cooking fires. The commercial grade fire suppression is fully integrated within the hood system, making it an ideal option for any cooking space with a residential style range. Our Designer Series hood combines the look of a traditional hood with a suppression system, that is proven effective by using a mechanical system, a wet chemical agent, hardwired disconnect options, and alarm contacts.


works by disabling gas, electric, or dual element disconnect until the operator unlocks the system. Using the touchscreen menu, the operator is required to input a passcode in order to bring the cooking element on-line for a preset amount of time and automatically disabling the system again when the alotted time is reached. To meet the NFPA101 specifications the CLOCKBOX 2.0 comes factory set with a 120 minute timer.

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