The Mission

To lead the HVAC industry with the most technologically advanced products and highest quality from a best in class organization. To utilize all related Samsung technologies to improve the quality of life. Our highly knowledgeable and talented team brings our advanced products to the marketplace through a trained network of Samsung HVAC affiliated professionals. It is our aim to do so in the easiest and most positive customer experience.

The Company

Founded in 1998, Samsung HVAC imported and distributed Samsung products for the HVAC market in the USA & Canada. In 2014, Samsung Electronics acquired Samsung HVAC as a wholly owned subsidiary. Samsung HVAC is chartered to build a network of Samsung partnered Spec-in sales representatives and Distributors to specify, design, train, stock and sell, and support Samsung HVAC products. Samsung HVAC leads the market with efficiency leading DVM S VRF products to market leading controls and distinguish ourselves in the HVAC market.

*Applies to systems below 65,000 Btu/h