Wind-Free™ System

Air Conditioner

Samsung has developed the Wind-Free™ system to quickly lower the room temperature and reach the desired comfort level, then automatically switches to normal cooling mode to maintain the desired room temperature.

The Wind-Free™ Cooling technology

Wind-Free™ Cooling Mode maintains the desired temperature and eliminates direct airflow by delivering air through 21,000 micro holes on the unit’s front panel when the louver is closed, producing a dispersed and gentle flow of air defined as “still air.”

Smart Home Compatibility For The Wind-Free™

Samsung’s Smart Home app can monitor not only your Wind-Free™ unit, but all compatible Samsung appliances, and allows you to control your system virtually anywhere**. App features include basic control and monitoring of power usage, set temperature, fan speed, louver swing, as well as exclusive features such as Smart Installation and Smart Check. The Smart Installation feature automatically checks for installation faults to ensure your system is installed properly, while the Smart Check feature detects and diagnoses problems with the system to provide quick and easy troubleshooting solutions.

**Available for download on iTunes® and Google® Play

The Wind-Free unit delivers an air current that is under 0.15 m/s while in Wind-Free mode.  Air velocity that is below 0.15 m/s is considered “still air” as defined by ASHRAE 55-2013 (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers).
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