Quality that Performs

As the largest producer of Reversing Valves, Service Valves, Electronic Expansion Valves and Microchannel (HVACR) in the world, Sanhua has earned the trust of major HVACR brands globally.  Quality is the foundation for every product manufactured resulting in world class parts per million numbers.  When you want the best, you want Sanhua.



Stops Contaminants, Moisture & Acid

  • System protector for optimum performance and efficiency
  • Effective and Efficient: Filters sold particles, absorbs moisture and removes acid
  • Large filtering area removes solid particle contamination to an extremely low level of 20 microns

Reversing Valves

The Leader in Manufacturing the World’s Most Reliable Reversing Valve

  • Solder connection at pilot tube and valve for increased reliability & low leakage risk
  • Suitable for Capacities from 1-120 tons
  • Maximum operating pressure of 650 psig
  • Available bi-stable coil provides energy savings

Ball Valves

Access the System with Minimal Pressure Drop

  • Machined out of high quality C360 alloy brass for high tensile strength
  • Easy to operate with 1/4 turn open and close
  • Reliable welded design
  • 700 psig working pressure rating

Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Control Superheat

  • Adjusts mass flow of refrigerant into the evaporator while controlling the refrigerant’s superheat
  • Thermal bulb utilizes cross charge technology
  • Wide evaporator temperature range
  • Reliable and stable performance

Sight Glasses

Detect Moisture & Liquid Level Instantly

  • Easy to read wide angle sight glass
  • High precision color indicator
  • Corrosion resistant brass body
  • Indicator designed to prevent surface contamination

Service Valves

Your Trusted Access Point

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Ability to handle low pressure drops and environmental conditions
  • Maximum operating pressure of 600 psig
  • 100% Factory leak tested

Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers

Smaller surface with larger benefits

  • World’s largest MCHE producer for the HVACR industry
  • Smaller footprint and lighter weight than fin and tube
  • Uses less refrigerant
  • Lower air side pressure drop
  • Recyclable

Electronic Expansion Valves

The Future of HVACR

  • Fast cooling, precise temperature control and power saving
  • Step valves for accurate refrigerant flow control
  • 500 steps (full stroke) – Unipolar with 12V DC rated voltage
  • Nominal capacity range: 0.7-21 tons
  • Smaller installation space: low height, small volume and lightweight

Solenoid Valves

Refrigerant Control

  • Small volume, low power consumption
  • Excellent operation performance, stable and reliable
  • Compact Design
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