The Perfectly Green Corporation

Special Dealer Offer!

Get Dealer Leads for your business this fall by participating in The Perfectly Green Corporation’s exciting new opportunity.  TPGC and their Smart Frog AC is changing the market by being an all in one, high efficiency HVAC System.  This innovative technology was featured on Discovery Channel’s’ American Made Inventors and TPGC wants to share its success with contractors on a national level.


Dealers who participate will be provided Leads and Shares in The Perfectly Green Corporation!


In Order to Qualify, Dealers Must:

  • Purchase a Smart Frog AC Sample Unit
  • Go Through Training in person or through Webinar
  • Install Sample Unit

The Perfectly Green Corporation

The Green Frog AC

The Perfectly Green Corporation is an innovative HVAC company that provides the most up to date in energy solutions.

The energy solutions are on-site, Point-of-Use Generation®, Micro Power Generation® and air conditioning/standby generation systems. PGC’s revolutionary residential/light commercial unit, branded the Smart Frog AC, is an all in one high efficiency HVAC system (third-party rated by Intertek Testing Laboratories up to 23 SEER for the 5-ton unit) enclosed in a durable weather proof ABS plastic housing, with built-in 7KW standby generation, an inverter on-board allowing you to simply plug in up to 4KW of solar panels to generate your own electricity, and smart grid controls enabling the unit to function on-grid for typical power consumption, blended grid for solar users and off-grid in emergency power failure and demand response situations.

Through PGC’s innovative and integrated technology, the Company plans to be the highest growth rate company in the combined residential/light commercial HVAC & standby generation industries over the next five years, leading a paradigm shift in the industry.

By utilizing a mixture of fossil fuels and alternative fuels to provide power and HVAC needs to end-users, PGC’s technology not only makes renewables a more practical source of sustainable energy, but also generates a constant source of power critical during emergency situations.