Hydronic Components & Systems


About IVAR

IVAR designs, develops and manufactures highly energy-efficient heating and plumbing systems.  They have over 10,000 catalog items – mass-produced products and unique items – in addition to customized systems and combinations of complex products.  And its all “Made in Italy”.


“Made in Italy” Adds Value

IVAR has been producing heating and plumbing system components since 1985: valves for heating bodies, direct heat metering modules, heat cost allocators, pipes and fittings, substations for heating systems, distribution manifolds, radiant panel systems, and components for solar and geothermal systems.


To make life easier for their clients, their customers, and their employees.  Thanks to their ability to be constantly innovative.


To design and manufacture advanced hydronic solutions that reduce installation complexity and energy consumption.


Radiator and fan-coil valves

Thermostatic valves, manual valves, single-pipe valves, fan-coil valves and accessories. 

Pipes and fittings

Multilayer pipe, PE-X pipe, PE-RT pipe, press-fittings, push-fittings and general fittings.


Manifolds for heating and cooling systems, boxes, ball valves, zone valves and accessories.

Radiant Systems 

Floor-, wall-, ceiling- heating and cooling systems.  

Thermal Power Station

Modules for zone heating systems, storage tanks, mixing valves, safety valves for heating.

Regulation and control

Regulation and Control

WiFi temperature regulation system CUBODOMO®, control units, thermostats, actuators, motors.

Hydraulic balancing

Hydraulic Balancing

Static and dynamic flow rate balancing valves, differential pressure control valves.

Satellite modules

Satellite Modules

Compact satellite modules, satellite modules with metering devices and fresh water stations. 

sanitary systems

Sanitary Systems

Manifolds for sanitary systems, thermostatic blenders, safety groups and valves, check valves, pressure reducing valves.

Systems for gas

Systems for Gas

Pipes, press fittings, isolation valves for meters, distribution and isolation systems for chased domestic lines, accessories

Metering systems

Metering Systems

Modules for direct metering, heat cost allocators and devices for data centralization

solar systems

Solar Systems

Thermal solar panels, drain-back solar systems, circulation groups and accessories.