Hydronic Efficiency Products Including Air Vents & Separators

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Nexus was established in 1994 to provide the HVAC industry with the highest quality hydronic system components at an affordable cost. The company founders and senior staff have over 100 years of experience in sales, design, and distribution of HVAC and mechanical contracting products. Nexus was one of the earliest innovators of specialized hydronic components and packaging. Nexus was founded to provide single sourcing of quality hydronic components which provides value-added services for resellers and users of hydronic products.


The compact, proven design is reliable and highly efficient at removing air from hydronic heating and cooling systems. The protective cap includes expansion sealer rings ensuring that the Flexvent will not leak. There is a substantial distance between the water and the closing mechanism, reducing the chance of contamination. Most Flexvent options are equipped with a shut-off valve for easy installation and dismantling. The air escape tube can be opened or closed with an adjustment screw.


The Flamco Smart series of air and dirt separators remove even the smallest microbubbles and minuscule dirt particles from the system water. Thanks to the innovative design, the pressure loss in the system is kept to a negligible minimum. The 360° rotating connection and compact dimensions of the Flamco Smart series enable them to be easily installed even when space is limited. The Flamco Smart series delivers the best performance on the market!


The Flamcovent Smart air separator removes even the smallest microbubbles from the system water. It is virtually maintenance-free with a negligibly low flow resistance. The Flamcovent Smart can be incorporated in a variety of heating and cooling systems and in every desired direction. The absence of obstructions in the main flow ensures that clogging or blockage is prevented which guarantees superior and continuous operation over its service life. The air chamber of the Flamcovent is conical in shape leaving little chance of contamination.


The Commercial Flamcovent Clean Smart air and dirt separator removes the smallest microbubble and minuscule dirt particle from the system water. The innovative design leaves the pressure loss in the system to a negligible minimum. The 360° rotating connection enables easy installed in limited spaces.


The Flexconsole provides secure wall mounting for expansion tank installations.  With a load rating of over 650 lbs, the Flexconsole ensures a secure vertical mounting position for any hydronic project.