Unico Preferred Contractors

Facts on all aspects of the Unico Preferred Contractor Program

Company Registration

The UPC program provides significant benefits for you and your firm. However, in order to be in the program and get these benefits, you have to be registered in the program.

Up to 10 Year Warranty

We are proud to be able to offer – EXCLUSIVELY TO UNICO PREFERRED CONTRACTORS – a 10 year warranty on all registered Unico System blower and coil combination installs. Unregistered installations automatically receive a 5 year warranty. This is a limited equipment warranty covering manufacturer defects for Unico coil modules, Unico blower modules, Unico supply tubing, Unico outlets, and Unico iSERIES outdoor units. The warranty provides non-prorated coverage for the purchasing homeowner. For details and limitation for the Unico UPC limited equipment warranty, see Unico Bulletin 10-014.

Most importantly, the 10 year warranty is only available on qualified finished projects that you register. A qualified project is one that, minimally, includes a blower and coil. Warranty starts from the day of install, but you have 90 days from the date of the finished install to get the project registered. The registration form is simple and straightforward, and registering a project should take no more than five minutes. Here is where you can register all of your projects: Unico Product Warranty Registration Form

Website Listing and Leads

One of the biggest benefits of being a Unico Preferred Contractor is being listed on our Find An Installing Contractor page. End users can visit that page, type in their zip code and up comes all Unico Preferred Contractors that work in that zip code. End users then have the opportunity to scroll through the UPC tiles, clicking “For More Information” to get more details. Over 350,000 end users visit our website each year – and over 200,000 visit our Contractor Finder page with more almost a third of those clicking through to get contractor details. This means dozens and dozens of Unico System leads for your firm.

Sales support everywhere

Unico has the best sales support in the business, starting with our two Sales Directors and our four Regional Sales Managers (click here to download). In addition, we pride ourselves on our Local Unico Experts – a group of top manufacturer’s reps in every market in North America. Most of the Local Unico Experts have been with us for years. You probably know the one in your area quite well, but if not, here is a list: Local Unico Experts.

Technical and design support when you need it

Unico’s five person Customer Service Department is available by phone (800-527-0896) or email (service@unicosystem.com) at any time. We also have a Design Service that is available free to UPCs. We’re here to help when you need us.

Extensive and free training

As a UPC, you will be able – and encouraged – to have you and your team make use of our Training options. You and your key staff will be automatically enrolled in Unico University, our on-line training center, where over 40 hours of self-tested course work and training is available. You will also be able to see our schedule of monthly Factory Trainings and Field trainings there as well.

Financing that’s fast and flexible

Unico has teamed up with Service Finance Company to provide you with the option of offering over 30 different financing options to your Unico System customers. End users get better rates, more favorable terms, and can be approved in as little as three minutes.

More sales tools than any other manufacturer

We know it takes a better contractor to sell and install our products. As a Unico Preferred Contractor, you are the best of the best. We have a free and always available choice of support materials and sales tools for you to use to promote and sell Unico System, which you can find on the Contractor Tools page.

Unico Preferred Contractor (UPC) Terms of Participation

  1. All UPCs will be listed on the Unico System Contractor Finder page on the www.unicosystem.com website.
  2. In order to be listed on the site, the UPC agrees to provide Unico with:
    • Contact details for the firm.
    • Contact details for the firm’s principals and key staff.
    • The number of complete Unico Systems purchased in the prior year.
    • The distributor(s) the Unico System equipment was purchased from.
    • The zip codes where the firm pursues Unico work.
  3. UPC agrees to follow up all leads and inquiries made as a member on the Contractor Finder page.
  4. The UPC agrees to promote and sell the Unico System to leads and inquiries generated from the Contractor Finder page.
  5. UPC will establish a reciprocal link to the Unico website from their own website (Unico will provide the material needed for this).
  6. UPC is encouraged to attend trainings (in person and online) on Unico System products.
  7. UPC is encourage to meet quarterly with a Unico System local representative.
  8. Unico reserves the right to add or remove individual firms from the UPC program at any time.
  9. Unico will determine which contractors become UPC’s with the approval of its manufacturer representatives, our sales director, and distributor input. 

All details about the Unico Preferred Contractor Program (UPC) are available online and in electronic format at: