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Magnetite is the number one contributor to heating breakdowns. Every day corrosion occurs within a heating system. If left untreated, this builds up magnetite causing cold spots on radiators and baseboards, making heating inefficient and putting unnecessary strain on the boiler.

With products and practices designed to put an end to corrosion and magnetite, ADEY®’s here to save everyone’s heating. Their magnetic dirt filters, water treatment formulas, and advice will reduce energy bills, lower maintenance costs and protect boilers for longer.


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CellarCool delivers exceptional commercial grade cooling systems for HVAC/R technicians to install in private wine cellars, restaurants, and winery projects.  With over twenty years of experience, CellarCool is a experienced industry leader of cooling units.  Able to utilize their experience in making an affordable yet efficient system that will last for many years, in a properly

DiversiTech’s mission for its wholesaler partners is to simplify their work by offering more than 200 product categories to create product availability and supply chain cost advantages for our customers in every market we serve.

DiversiTech’s mission for contractors is also to simplify their work by offering high-quality, innovative and advanced products that save time on installations and headaches from unnecessary customer call-backs.

Comfortable, Quiet, Consistent

Inverter technology allows your system to use only as much energy as it needs. A variable speed system maintains consistent comfort levels, regardless of outdoor conditions, by using the proper amount of energy needed. By fluctuating operating speeds rather than running at a constant speed, the Ecoer system saves energy by maximizing lower speed operation while maintaining consistent temperature inside your home.

Make Every Day Better

GE appliances answer real-life needs. Define trends. Simplify routines. And upgrade the look and feel of the living space. Through ingenuity and innovation, next generation features are solving real-life needs. With a forward-thinking tradition that spans over 100 years, today’s GE appliances sync perfectly with the modern lifestyle.

The Industry’s Quietest PTAC

GE Appliances set the design standard for PTACs when we invented and introduced the Zoneline in 1961. The tradition continues with our newest models, The Industry’s Quietest PTACs. In the hospitality industry, quiet and comfortable rooms are key to guest satisfaction. Guests demand a quiet air conditioner, so our design includes an extra seal around the edge to keep excess noise (and unwanted dirt) outside, a heavy duty mastic barrier for additional noise reduction and two DC fan motors for quiet operation. Independent third party testing confirms GE Zoneline is the quietest PTAC against leading competitors.

General Filters Inc. offers a wide variety of whole house residential air quality solutions using the latest in indoor air technology. Installed in your home’s HVAC system by a qualified HVAC Contractor, GeneralAire and HealthyAire IAQ products protect you and your family by ensuring clean, healthy and comfortable indoor air quality throughout your home.

Comfort Made Easy

For a completely comfortable heating and cooling experience, Haier offers ductless mini split systems that are easy to install, own, and service. Our flexible, ductless AC systems are energy efficient, maintain stable room temperatures, and help control your home’s air quality.

Heating & Cooling Products manufactures and distributes superior quality sheet metal products. These products include pipe, elbows, boots, rectangular duct, duct fittings, wall stack, oval, black stove pipe and fittings, spiral pipe, spiral PVC pipe and fittings for the HVAC professional. These products serve the residential, multi family, and light commercial HVAC markets.

America’s hardest working appliances

Appliances built to work as hard as you.

A to Z Sales is proud to represent Lloyd Industries and their 35 plus years of manufacturing fire dampers and HVAC products.  Not only are Lloyd fire dampers Underwriters Laboratory approved, but Lloyd also provides customer satisfaction in quality, delivery, and price.

Parker’s HVAC Filtration Division is an industry expert committed to engineering their customers’ success and working closely with them to protect the air quality for their employees, their processes, and their equipment. Parker’s extensive product offering is designed to meet the most stringent filtration requirements across a variety of markets, helping manufacturers achieve the highest levels of manufacturing productivity while adhering to specific compliances.

RenewAire has been a pioneer in Energy Recovery Ventilation technologies for over 35 years. Our Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) improve people’s health, cognitive function, productivity and wellbeing by enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ) in homes and buildings of every type.   RenewAire’s energy recovery ventilation optimizes energy efficiency, lowers capital costs by reducing HVAC loads and cuts operational expenses. Committed to sustainability, our facility has three Green Globes and is seeking LEED Gold and ENERGY STAR certifications.


Salus designs and manufactures industry-leading hydronics, HVAC, and fan coil products for heating engineers and contractors who need to drive profitability and deliver customer satisfaction.  Through our high quality, innovative products, we enable contractors to provide homeowners and building managers with the comfort and control they need, while reducing installation times and minimizing call-backs.

Sentinel Offers Water Treatment Products and Services

Through innovation and international growth, Sentinel has developed the leading products and services to provide the best lifetime protection for heating and hot water systems.  With a robust product offering, they are able to address the needs of both residential and commercial installers and engineers.

Advancing Ventilation

For over 50 years, S&P has been the world’s leading fan manufacturer and is able to offer a range of ventilation products.  The company’s impressive, long-term growth is the result of one simple philosophy — develop an air-moving product that effectively and efficiently meets the needs of the customer, supported by unparalleled engineering, distribution and service.

Sterling HVAC, the most recognized name in the game, has been producing industry leading high efficiency heating products for over 50 years. From traditional Unit Heaters to Rooftop and Indoor Make-Up Air Units, Sterling HVAC has the solution to fit every residential, commercial or industrial application.

The Unico System Is

A high-efficiency cooling and heating system that can be discreetly retrofitted into vintage homes or designed into new construction without the need for extensive remodeling or intrusive ductwork. There’s less mess, less dust, less installation time—and no need to “gut” your home for installation.

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Why Aspen?

Why Aspen? The Key to Efficient and Reliable Air Conditioning Aspen Manufacturing is a leading provider of air handlers and coils for use in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  Their products are designed to meet the needs of customers in both residential and...


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