Home Energy Efficiency and Comfort with The Unico System

We know that contractors and builders are always looking for more efficient ways to heat, cool,  and cycle air in our homes but don’t always consider a better alternative to traditional ductwork systems.  While we are past Energy Efficiency Day, we make energy efficiency a year round priority and Unico has always been proud to join organizations and business around the country in raising awareness and the important benefits of energy conservation.

By Jeremy Allfrey & Karl Sisson

We also know that homeowners aren’t always thinking of their HVAC or the extra cost it takes to run inefficient systems and its up to contractors to explain how much energy we use and the long term benefits of a Unico System.  Each year, heating and cooling systems account for more than half of the energy consumption within the average home and homeowners who choose energy efficient HVAC solutions can see dramatic reductions in their monthly utility bills.  Not to mention those that choose a Unico System can save further by taking advantage of energy rebates available through utility companies and local governments.

This high efficiency system also means more comfort for the homeowner.  The Unico System has a greater temperature reduction effect as air passes more slowly over a larger coil than with a conventional unit, resulting in 30% greater moisture removal than conventional systems, allowing for greater comfort at higher thermostat settings.  When cooling the average home, for every degree higher the thermostat is, the result is a 2% energy savings. For example, a homeowner can keep their thermostat at 75, which will feel like 72, and gives them energy savings of 6%.

Through extensive testing and research, we find that the Unico small-duct high-velocity (SDHV) system is the best choice for not only delivered efficiency but also for comfort.  This system operates differently from conventional systems as it is a pressurized, sealed system which minimizes duct leakage.

Let’s take a look at what the actual efficiencies are of a conventional versus Unico system if you take actual job site conditions into effect (duct air leakage into the building and thermal losses from ductwork run in hot attics).   In this example, the outdoor unit is a nominal 5-ton condenser and the duct work is installed in an attic.  The building load is 40,000 Btu/hr.

Unico SDHV System
The system is rated at 49,000 Btu/hr at 13 SEER
Unico SDHV duct efficiency is .85

The equipment load is:

47,000 Btu/hr (= 40,000 ÷ 0.85).

This is smaller than the equipment capacity so the run time would only be 96% of the time

(= 47000 ÷ 49000)

The Unico system power usage is 4276 Watts per hour (= 49000 ÷ 11 × 0.96).
Conventional System
The equipment is rated at 57,000 Btu/hr and 13 SEER
The duct efficiency is 0.70

The required equipment load is actually higher because of the duct leakage and thermal losses.

It is 57,150 Btu/hr (= 40,000 divided by 0.70).

This is close enough to the actual equipment capacity

The power usage is 4385 Watts per hour (= 57,000 divided by 13.00).

The Unico SDHV system is more efficient.  And if the Unico SDHV ducts are inside the conditioned space, you can downsize the condenser and save up to 20% more!

The Unico System is considered by energy providers to operate more efficiently than other types of home heating and cooling systems.  The reason for this is due to the inherent design. The same features that make it quieter and more compact also contribute to its energy savings, compared to most conventional systems.

Insulated Ducting:

Traditional forced-air systems that rely on leaky, metal ducts can reduce energy efficiency by as much as 40%.  The Unico System uses a flexible supply tubing that is made with nylon and wrapped with vacuum-sealed insulation that is proven to achieve near zero-percent leakage.

The Innovative Design:

The Unico System’s cooling coils are designed in such a way to provide up to 30% greater humidity removal than traditional systems which means homeowners can set their thermostats higher on hot and humid days and still feel cool and comfortable.

Full Inverter Technology:

Paired with the iSeries condenser  means that The Unico System is programmed to use only the energy needed in the moment so on a mild day, when a home needs just 25% of a unit’s capacity for comfort, The Unico System runs at only 25%, compared to conventional units that run at full capacity.

Simple Installation:

Maybe one of the best features for contractors and builders, the Unico System is the only unit to operate at 70% less thermal loss than conventional ductwork systems, right out of the box.  There is no complicated sealing or fabrication required so installation is fast and simple.

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Jeremy Allfrey is the Marketing Manager and Karl Sisson is a Regional Manager and Expert in all things HVAC.