A to Z Sales & Marketing is excited to announce that we are now representing Sterling HVAC.  In an effort to further serve our customer’s needs, we have added a new business and an already recognized brand and industry leader to our impressive lineup of manufacturers.
Sterling HVAC is a leading brand in high efficiency heating products and has been for over 50 years, offering a wide range of products.  From traditional Unit Heaters, to Rooftop and Indoor Make-Up Air units, this wide range can offer solutions to fit every residential, commercial, or industrial application.  In addition to being a significant part of our heating services, Sterling HVAC makes its mission to be future driven and environmentally conscious.

“The less fossil fuels we burn, the better it is for our future; all of my designs concentrate on this philosophy.  We lead in innovation using the environment as our number one concern. We don’t follow…we lead.”

Ken Cohen

Designer, Sterling HVAC

This strong message is one that A to Z also believes in and makes for an ideal partnership. It is important to us that we are able to serve any customer’s needs and Sterling HVAC will be able to supply some of the best heating products in our extensive line, as best demonstrated by the Nexus Unit Heater.

Industry leading 99%* thermal efficiency that combines the latest innovations.

Tri-metal stainless steel heat exchanger, and state of the art proprietary combustion control system means that not only is the Nexus the most energy efficient unit heater available, it is also the most environmentally conscious.  Reduced emissions, low fuel utilization, and a reduced carbon footprint makes indoor comfort more affordable, efficient, and less harmful to the environment than any other Unit Heater.

Outdoor Air Reset Modulation

A prime example of continuous fuel efficiency is the Nexus’s Outdoor Air Reset Modulation which automatically vary discharge temperatures based on the outside air temp providing seamless modulation for optimum efficiency, perfect for our Midwest seasons.

By running at lower discharge temperatures subject to the outside temperature, units run longer at higher efficiency resulting in less cycling, lower fuel costs, and increased occupancy comfort.

As the outdoor temperature drops, discharge temperatures increase and vice versa.

Safety, Performance, and Efficiency Through Flexibility

One thing our customers are always looking for is flexibility.  Sterling knows that time is money and the Nexus is designed to be user and service friendly.  Whether natural or LP gas, conversions are simple and quick through a single orifice conversion with kits included as a standard feature.  With multiple operating voltages, flexible venting options, and some of the longest throws in the segment make Nexus the only choice for any application.  Units can also operate in a single unit mode, multi-unit networks, or linked to a building management system with seamless control communication.
The Nexus tri-metal Heat Exchanger is engineered for maximum efficiency which makes it the most advanced in the market today.  The tri-metal hybrid design utilizes the latest technologies for optimum heat transfer. A unique combination of metals and tube configurations scrub every last bit of heat energy from the combustion process.  The use of stainless steel with high conductivity brass and even higher conductivity aluminum all working in conjunction with turbulators to improve the heat transfer from the hot flue gases to the bi-metal fins produces up to 95+% operating efficiency at full fire.
As with any product we represent, Safety and Performance are still top priority for us and our customers.  Sterling HVAC is able to deliver premium performance in the safest way possible by using their proprietary combustion control platform which guarantees clean combustions regardless of the operating conditions.  The Nexus is able to consistently maintain safe levels of emissions by constant monitoring through the electronic air/fuel coupling control platform.

More Nexus Features:

Gas Controls

The only fully modulating, high efficiency unit heater produced.  Utilizes a burner control and configuration that allows a 3:1 turndown for precision discharge temperature control.  This means running longer and more efficient over long periods of time with reduced cycling, beating competitors in-shot burners that often result in over/under heating the occupied space and increased wear and tear on the equipment with constant cycling.

Stratification Sensor

This optional sensors allows the unit to take advantage of excess heat that may be up at the ceiling to provide “free” heating to a space.  Detecting air stratification near the unit, the unit will re-use that excess heat to warm the space without need for mechanical heat and results in lower fuel cost.

Modbus Communication to Building Automation System

This standard feature doesn’t require additional control modules and provides feedback to the building automation system allowing for the remote monitoring of over 30 data points including unit fault codes and notifies users with problems without them even entering the building.

Indoor Air Reset

This technology essentially learns the heating needs of the building by constantly monitoring run-time percentages and modulates accordingly.  Indoor Air Reset allows the Nexus to operate at full modulation (low fire) for as long as reasonable to maintain the heating load. By running at low fire, units run longer at higher efficiency resulting in less cycling, meaning lower cost and more comfort.

Sterling HVAC provides unparalleled factory support from sales and technical resources to full application engineering support. 


*Up to 99% maximum efficiency at full turndown, 95+% certified efficiency at high fire.