Wine Cellar Commercial Grade Cooling Solutions
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Wine Cellar Cooling System

CellarCool delivers exceptional commercial grade cooling systems for HVAC/R technicians to install in private wine cellars, restaurants, and winery projects.

  • With over twenty years of experience, CellarCool is a experienced industry leader of cooling units.
  • Able to utilize their experience in making an affordable yet efficient system that will last for many years, in a properly designed wine cellar, in any environment.
  • All cooling units go through an extensive quality control testing program prior to receiving our approval.
  • Assembly procedures are written and illustrated in great detail so employees understand the importance of getting it right every time.
  • CellarCool systems have been designed with the latest technology and utilize industry improvements to maximize performance.
  • Their manufacturer’s engineers work closely with their suppliers to source the best, most efficient products to incorporate into our systems.
  • From fan suppliers to compressor manufactures, ongoing engineering and design improvements are a focal point in their success.

Cellar contractors have asked for a design that does not take away from the racking capacity and is virtually invisible in the cellar. Utilizing our Ceiling Mounted evaporator has many benefits:

  • It offers excellent efficiency by drawing in the warmer air which accumulates at the ceiling
  • cools and disperses the air throughout the environment
  • allows for maximum racking space
  • virtually invisible in the cellar.

24v Thermostat Conversion Kit

Use smart technology and your home’s Wi-Fi to control the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop.

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